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U.S. Small Business Administration UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE SBA Loan # SBA Loan Name Guarantor Borrower Lender Date Note Amount 1. GUARANTEE: Guarantor unconditionally guarantees payment to Lender
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. LENDER'S EQUITY: Lender is entitled to receive a percentage of any increase in the value of its equity interest due to a liquidity event, such as an increase in the market value of its assets or a sale of its assets for a price of less than the Note value or a redemption of the Note. Guarantor is also entitled receive a percentage of any decrease in any market value of the assets of the Fund. 3. RISK AND RISK DISCRETION: Guarantor must manage the Trust's portfolio with extreme caution in an effort to minimize the probability that the Trust will experience a loss. RISK AND RISK DISCRETION: Lender should monitor and manage, taking into account a number of factors, the Trust's portfolio with such care and strictness that it may have to consider the application and modification of its other policies and procedures, as well as any possible actions that Lender can take or is prepared to take under the Bankruptcy Code or any other applicable law. LendMeThis Group, LLC d/b/a LendMeThis, LLC (“LendMeThis”) is a broker-dealer registered pursuant to the provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and has the ability to do so, as such broker-dealer is subject to regulation by the Commission, including the rule making and regulatory authority over broker-dealers and registered investment advisers. LendMeThis is also subject to the restrictions of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, including those relating to the requirements to register as an “investment company” (“IC”). LendMeThis is subject to registration with the Commission as an investment adviser. LendMeThis also engages in “broker-dealer” relationships with related parties and provides related services to such parties. LendMeThis may be deemed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to be subject to supervision by the National Futures Association. LendMeThis does not expect to receive compensation from any governmental or quasi-governmental entity, which could change its policies and procedures significantly. 4. INVESTMENT RULE: By providing funding for the redemption of any Note, the Fund may be deemed to be engaging in an investment or market making activity regulated by the Investment Company Act. Under the Investment Company Act, the Fund is the manager of the Fund, and the Fund is not subject to the regulation of the Commission or its Staff.
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